The next opening January 6 2019

Tired? Overwhelmed? Overweight? Dragging?

Sick of feeling like crap?!


This 12 week Ayurveda Wellness Program helps busy people organize themselves to feel better in their bodies. Together, we explore mind-body goals and design a personalized habit plan so you can maximize your time for what you want to do. Blending Ayurvedic practices with Evolutionary Habit Science and lifestyle design.  I have created simple steps for easeful living.

Are you ready to make a personal plan for self care?

Are you ready to redesign the way you age?

Are you ready for more joy in your life?


Imagine if you could...


Reverse the aging process

Balance your energy naturally

Feel joyful

Shift overwhelm to ease

Whether the goal is to lose weight, increase vitality, improve focus or reprogram your brain, this self care program will guide you to your next steps to feeling your best. Rewire your nervous system to become the potential you dream of. We will journey into a daily habit experiment with Ayurvedic routines and brain science so you can put it to work for you.


During this 12 week Ayurveda Wellness Program you will:

  • Learn 10 practical self-care habits

  • Strategies to shift from overwhelm to ease

  • Tips on turning your kitchen into a center of healing

  • Ayurveda body clock and philosophy

  • Gain skills and tools for a lifetime

  • Change your biochemistry

  • Learn behavioral science basics

  • Design your daily living habits for longevity & vitality

  • Explore identity evolution and tap into your highest potential

  • Improve relationships with yourself and loved ones

  • Age gracefully-balance your energy

  • Adopt better eating habits

  • And so much more

Happiness flourishes from great health, and great health flourishes from our daily routines.

Spaces are limited!

What We’ll Cover in 12 Weeks


Week 1: Orientation + Intention-setting
Week 2: Earlier, Lighter Dinners
Week 3: Early to Bed
Week 4: Start the Day Right
Week 5: Breath Body Practice
Week 6: Plant-based Diet
Week 7: Heal with your Hands
Week 8: The Power to Pause
Week 9: Healthy Eating Guidelines
Week 10: Keep Your Senses
Week 11: Bonus Class on Easeful Living



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Also included in the program:

12 group classes (75 minutes) each week
10 audio lessons for each habit emailed weekly
Yoga Health Coaching eBook and Master Habits eBook
Live group support and accountability
Weekly reading assignments for implementing micro habits
Three 30-minute personal laser coaching and mentoring from Sarah
Online forum with community of Thrivers-Q&A platform
Customer Hub with video library
BONUS: Special guest teachings with Batool Merali from Nourish Myself

What you’ll need to thrive in this program:

Awareness to change
Adventurous spirit
Courage to change your identity-reach towards your highest potential
To invest in yourself, in your time and health long term.
Sense of humor
Computer access
Your body, the science lab
Curiosity to observe the experiment called you