Feel better in your body and mind?
Change your identity to your optimal self?
Tap into your greatest desires?

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In this 9 month journey, you will:

✔ Be kinder to yourself
✔ Grow stronger inside & out
✔ Detox home, body and mind
✔ Strengthen immune system
✔ Enjoy deeper rest
✔ Better eating habits
✔ Sustained mental focus
✔ Create a new normal
✔ Better self-care practices
✔ Love your daily habit support
✔ Improved attitude
✔ Maintain your ideal weight

Happiness flourishes from great health, and great health flourishes from our daily routines.

Spaces are limited!


What you get in our time together:

► Full access pass
► Nourishing shift detox
► Monthly wellness workshops
► Access to my Body Integrity course
► Special and personal attention with weekly 1:1 calls with me for individual support and answers to your ongoing questions

► Tailored tea blend
► Personalized Yoga Practice
► Kitchen Guide to Health- Shift it to Healing
► Your recorded calls
► My personal attention to support you in your evolutional transformation
► Online facebook forum
► Simple Habit Tool Kit to Ease


If you’d like to learn more about private coaching with me, and discuss your health goals, click below to schedule your next step.