Hello! I’m Sarah O’Neil and I’m so glad you found me!


My goal is to help women ignite their inner brilliance by upgrading their daily habits with small, simple changes in order to create the life they’ve dreamed of.

I am living proof that you can get back into the driver’s seat of your life, improve your health, and turn on your  body's natural healing response.  As a restaurantuer for seventeen years, I’ve experienced overwhelming stress and days that have felt endless. I suffered with severe anxiety, overwhelm and unhealthy dependence with food, television and alcohol.

After years of dusting myself off, finally the pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of the change. I began taking my habits less personally, shifting my perception, and making the smallest of changes to my daily routine.

The combination of adopting simple self-care practices and changing small daily habits has been key to my success.

Now, I help women create space in their lives to thrive and back it up with daily actions to achieve measurable results. This stimulates a positive self-sustaining growth pattern. Then, the inner cheerleader sparks the voice of guidance to respond to life’s triggers rather than reacting.

I reject single dietary fads and prefer to support people as they explore what works best within their daily habits. We work to shift toward whole foods and the over-all evolution of their general health.

As a Wellness Educator, Yoga Health Coach, and advocate for bringing mindfulness programs into schools, I teach Kindergarten-Fifth Grade students and teachers to be in the present moment with kindness. My experience in the healing arts, herbalism, special education, yoga, managing my restaurant, and mothering my daughter, I’ve gained the tools necessary to facilitate change for women and their families. I have chosen to step away from a stressful relationship with life into one of ease.  

My genuine desire is to motivate people towards change, to listen to their unique voice, to facilitate better choices, and to help shift habits to encourage them to thrive with vitality. Who do you want to be and what changes do you desire?